VR 2 AR Jam hosted by VR Area 42

Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch and Kingspray are the most famous of the new creative VR tools. Many new art forms have emerged from the use of those tools. Artists all over the world are diving into these technologies and even convinced analog artists adapt enthusiasticly to the use of VR for fine art creation.

But the main problem with VR art, are the limited possiblities to show it to a wider audience, without using VR headsets e.g. Vive, Oculus or Google Cardboard. Prints of the art are a not very satisfactory way to at least show a rendered still image of an animated VR art piece. Also the process of creating the art work is lost with a print. To create with Tilt Brush and Co is a fusion of performance and painting / sculpting. A timelapse of the process is one of the best features of those programs. Oftenly those timelapse videos are uploaded and shared. Now the art could be appreciated with mobil devices and PC, but you can't frame it and hang it on the wall. So either way something is lost.

How can we combine the best of both worlds ?

The answer is : Augmented Reality !

At the AWE 2017 in Munich I discovered this great augmented reality app : ARTIVIVE

With the right workflow, it is now possible to reproduce the animation of the VR art on an artprint . Effects like the sparkling discobrush in Tilt Brush or a fast replay of the Kingspray artwork are captured as video, uploaded to ARTIVIVE and after 2 minutes can be played in augmented reality on the print. The image recognition tracks the image on the print and places the image on it, like the newspaper in Harry Potter movies. To learn and explore the workflow from VR to AR is the subject of this jam. I will show and explain the different tools and visual approaches. Together we will jam over some black and white VR related prints to learn the workflow, After that, i will guide the participants of the jam to their own VR AR artpiece. This can be printed later.

The whole workflow : Basic idea/concept, import analog/digital reference image in to the different VR tools, camera and recording sofware and settings, painting/sculpting in VR, record timelapse or animation, screenshot settings, preparation of trigger image and video, upload to ATIVIVE.

Duration of the jam ca. 6-8 hours depending on the number of participants.
Invited are : painters, sprayer, sculptors, photographers, designers, media artists, visual artists, VR fans, VR artists, VR AR developers, exhibition makers, etc.


If you are interested in the jam, please leave your e-mail adresse


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