Singularity 2020 Serendipity

Augmented Reality Art Book & Exhibition by Miguelangelo Rosario

Art - Info : Theme of the series is the disembodiment through the merging of newest technologies. 
The viewer finds himself in various situations, allowing the view into another reality , sometimes inside and sometimes outside.
 The narrow perception through the smartphone is disrupted and the brain is fooled into a wider awareness.
ln some ARt pieces of this series, the perception through smartphones is reflected in the artpiece itself. 
Holding a mirror to the observer and encouraging conversations about humanity / A.I./ machine/ mind / body / spirit.

Tech - Info : 3D models are build, textured and rendered
those renders edited, combined and processed with neuralstyle transfer
3D models and processed image are combined in VR ( Tilt Brush / Gravity Sketch )
UHD versions of the images are generated and printed in highest quality to keep the details of the A.I. patterns
Tilt Brush effects and animations are added and the result transformed to augmented reality with Arize 

Artist - Info : Miguelangelo Rosario, Cyber Artist, * 1963 in K-Town, Germany, lived in Paris, Ibiza, now in Berlin. Bio

Independent VR artist and VR design coach. For more then 30 Years he creates design for individual and public spaces: Theatres, Stages, Clubs, Events. Starting 1986 with an airbrush, the tools have changed a lot over the decades. Since 2013 he uses digital 3D and VR to create visual art. His VR Cyberdelics and the CybARdelics To Go ! have fans all over the world. Immersive psychedelic trips in color and motion. Most recently he is designing virtual reality stages, props and visuals for the Wave VR


Click on images to see them fullscreen to scan with Arize

Past exhibitions

2019,AlcaƱiz, Spain

2020,Berlin, Germany

2020,San Diego, USA

Current Exhibition

2020,Berlin, Germany @ Hanfmuseum 12.5.- 14.9.2020

If you are interested in the ARt - Book, posterprints or the exhibition leave your email and i get back to you.