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Party, share memories and future visions. IBIZONE is a virtual reality 3D Ibiza Environment for the 20/21 New Years Party. The event will be hosted online and is accesible from PC or Mac with internet connection or with many VR headsets. We will invite Ibiza DJs and performers to do streaming sessions, which we can see and hear in VR and dance along. Every Room can hold up to 36 people. With an audio headset we can chat with each other and enable the webcam to have a floating screen above the avatar. Navigation is like a computergame with keys and mous


This is still in a very early stage and the scene is only a proof of concept . To meet and chat for organising and learning to use the platform. I am working on improving things and content. The actual event will take place in OZONE UNIVERSE

Click on the instruction to see more info about the controls and features. Video tutorial coming in the next days.

 This is in a very early phase and i would love to hear your ideas...what would your perfect Ibiza virtual location look like ? A huge club ? A villa with pool ? Una Fiesta de campo ? Beachparty ? Or would you prefer to meet in a 70ties retro club ? Underwater or even on Mars ? Make suggestions in the comments and i will check out what the voice of the community says...more info soon...and now flush the comments with ideas please... 

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