????? ??????? ????????? ???? Meet friends and artists from Ibiza in Virtual Reality

Party, share memories and future visions. IBIZONE 2021 is a virtual reality 3D Ibiza Environment for the 20/21 New Years Party. The Club / Stage designer and Cyberartist Miguelangelo Rosario has built this little virtual party world to celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. The event will be hosted online on Mozilla Hubs and is accessible from PC or Mac with internet connection. Desktop or with many VR headsets. We will invite Ibiza DJs and performers to do streaming sessions, which we can see and hear in VR and dance along. The experience is through shared rooms. Every Room can hold up to 24 people. With an audio headset we can chat with each other. Navigation is like a computer game with keys and a mouse. Expect trippy 3D animations, art videos, music and colors, motions and emotions.


Click on the instruction to see more info about the controls and features. It is easy to understand and use.  

Music: Ibiza Classics from 1995 - 2010 provided by : 

Alfredo, Gee Moore, Hofer66, Juan Verdera, Lenny Ibizarre. More to be announced.

This is a virtual communication project for the Ibiza community. It is not commercial and free to use for all people!  

by Miguelangelo Rosario

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